IACM Patient Council

IACM Patient Council

Our Manifesto

The Manifesto of the IACM Patient Council advocates for the rights of patients to access medical cannabis as a legitimate treatment option. It emphasizes the need for patient-centered policies, education, and research to ensure safe and equitable use of cannabis in healthcare.

Who we are

We are the patients. The caretakers.

We have joined together to improve upon the rules of access for those who require cannabis.

In the last few years, many of us had the opportunity to meet up in various forums, conventions, meetings and gatherings not only in Europe but the world over. We recognized the universality of the problems that patients are facing and the common issues that we all felt needed to be dealt with. It was discussed time and again that we needed a way to unite – something that would give us the strength of numbers and of organization that were required to change policy and make our voices heard.

First informally and finally now as an actual entity, we have organized ourselves around the internationally respected IACM and with its support have given life to the IACM PATIENT COUNCIL.* 

Our members are from countries all over the world, aiming at representation from all continents and all countries. With common goals and a wealth of experience in our successes and failures, we feel strongly that the time has come to unite and claim our right to access the therapy of our choice.

Cannabis is medicine. Our goals will only be met when this plant is treated as such for patients all over the world.

We believe

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We will act

We will organize


To this we will dedicate all of our energies, seeking out cooperation and collaboration with political authorities and policy makers while working together with representatives of the scientific and medical community and encouraging and rewarding the mavericks of industry that have moved ahead and made possible the access to products that many of our more fortunate peers and fellow patients benefit from across the globe.

*Please see here for further information on the IACM