Our Manifesto


We are the patients.

The caretakers.

We have joined together to improve upon the rules of access for those who require cannabis.

In the last few years, many of us had the opportunity to meet up in various forums, conventions, meetings and gatherings not only in Europe but in the world over. We recognized the universality of the problems that our patients are facing and the common issues that we all felt needed to be dealt with. It was discussed time and again that we needed a way to unite – something that would give us the strength of numbers and of organization that were required to change policy and make our voices heard.

First informally and finally now as an actual entity, we have organized ourselves around the internationally respected IACM and with its support have given life to the IACM PATIENT COUNCIL.* Our members are from countries all over the world, aiming at representation from all continents and all countries. With common goals and a wealth of experience in our successes and failures, we feel strongly that the time has come to unite and claim our right to access the therapy of our choice.

Cannabis is medicine. Our goals will only be met when this plant is treated as such for patients all over the world.

  • That the word ‘PATIENT’ belongs at the centre of this community. That the needs of the patient must be the focus for all, for the scientific community, for our healthcare providers and for members of the cannabis industry as a whole.
  • That all patients are equal and must have equal access to cannabis and cannabinoids for medical treatment no matter where they live and regardless of financial status.
  • That all patients have the right to seek guidance and assistance from appropriately trained medical personnel.
  • That the right to grow one’s medicine is non negotiable.
  • That cannabis products, when used as medicine, must be included in national health programs and covered by both public and private insurance programs.
  • That the medical profession must open its eyes to the possibility of cannabis being a viable option for their patients.
  • To inform and educate patients, caretakers and health care professionals as well as the media and the public at large while supporting and encouraging members of the scientific community and improving cooperation with industry.To enrich upon the knowledge and the experience that the cannabis community has gained worldwide through sharing and participating.
  • To improve upon the legislation which hinders access so that all citizens will have the same rights before the law in their access to cannabis.
  • To support all patients in their search for the form and the means to use cannabis to support their health and treat their conditions.
  • To encourage research into the use of cannabinoids for all conditions that patients currently recognize as having a meaningful contribution to their therapy.
  • To support the creation of  a comprehensive educational system that encompasses both scientific knowledge and practical experience of  the cannabis plant and the endocannabinoid system for healthcare professionals worldwide while ensuring that the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid medicine is included in the curriculum of universities the world over.
  • To ensure that participation of patients and caretakers in the decision making in regards to products and development becomes a priority for industry.
  • To empower patients and their associations to participate in conferences and forums on the international stage while being supported in this effort by the industries should be encouraged to seek out our participation.
  • To ensure that the work and effort of patients and their caretakers is fairly utilized by the industry and to empower and support these associations and individuals in their efforts to seek both financial and practical support through their participation in conferences, forums, meetings and panels in cooperation with industry.
  • Our membership to include patient organizations from across the globe, encompassing existing networks and coalitions within our membership to enable us to bring about the aforementioned.
  • To support cooperation between the patients and the lawmakers, patients and their health care providers and patients and the cannabis industry.

To this we will dedicate all of our energies, seeking out cooperation and collaboration with political authorities and policy makers while working together with representatives of the scientific and medical community and encouraging and rewarding the mavericks of industry that have moved ahead and made possible the access to products that many of our more fortunate peers and fellow patients benefit from across the globe.

*Please see here for further information on the IACM:

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