Who we are

The IACM Patient Council is an international coalition of patient organizations

The IACM Patient Council

  • The IACM Patient Council is an international coalition of patients’ organizations that have gathered together to help give a voice to patients the world over and to work together in order to protect their rights and interests in the ever-developing world of medicinal cannabis.
  • The IACM Patient Council is run under the auspices of the International Alliance for Cannabinoid Medicines and works in close alliance with the IACM to uphold the level of professionalism that has been associated with the IACM since its inception. 

Each member

  • Each member of the council must be a member of a patients’ association in their country of residence. Individuals who do not belong to a patients organisation will not be accepted for membership.
  • Each member represents their own association as well as other such groups within their country, acting as a ‘link’ between the council – communicating current developments, activities and concerns as they play out in the country they are representing.
  • Each member commits to be present at monthly meetings and to follow up on all matters in which they have volunteered participation.
  • Members are encouraged to participate actively in working groups that will operate individually on organised tasks that are required for the optimum functioning of the International Council.


  • In the case that there is interest from other organizations wishing to represent a nationality, it would be expected that the associations decide democratically among themselves who will represent the patients’ interests on the council. In some cases, a rotating of representatives is a good solution for keeping all involved and sharing the workload.

The council takes on no responsibility for the actions of its members within their own sovereign state and will take all reasonable measures to ensure that partnerships with patients associations will rest upon mutual respect in regards to ethics and legalities.